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BETFUZE is a unique way to discover the latest football news, compare the odds, and get betting insight from across the globe.

We have combined the best odds from your favourite bookmakers on key sporting events with our unique analysis tools that are designed to give you the upper hand.

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Introducing the world's first social sentiment analysis engine for gambling.

Sentimeter™ gives you insight into the outcome of any bet by analysing the tweets of millions of sports fans in real-time.

Perfect for in-play betting where time is at a premium.


Our odds comparison technology allows you to place a bet with any bookmaker within seconds, making it faster and easier to use their services.

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We do the hard work so you don't have to.


Imagine having your own team of writers that prepare content on the sports you love.

BETFUZE is a new way to discover expert opinion.

With trending bets you can easily spot movements in the market, whilst the latest venue, weather and form information ensures you know the context surrounding any event.


Customise your layout, odds format and notification settings in an instant.

BETFUZE is constantly learning your likes and dislikes so that your favourite markets are always on top.

You can even set reminders for events and alerts for when odds significantly lengthen or shorten.


BETFUZE is designed by industry experts to be used only on mobile devices.

This means the clutter and confusion of traditional betting websites has been set aside in favour of always showing only what you need to know.

Together with a powerful event search engine, our focus on design cuts down browsing time so you can find what you want, when you want it.


Next-generation mobile gambling is now in your hands.

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