Frequently Asked Questions


What is BETFUZE?

BETFUZE is a sports betting platform designed specifically for mobile devices. BETFUZE provides the best odds from major bookmakers allowing you to bet instantly on any sporting event.

Where can I get the BETFUZE app?

You can download the iPad app from App Store.

When will the app be out on iPhone/Android?

We're launching with our iPad version first but very soon you'll be able to download the app for iPhone and Android devices. To receive a notification when the app is out in a format for you, please register your interest here.

How many bookmakers are there in the app?

BETFUZE is starting with 6 of the major operators in the UK and we'll be adding more over time. We will constantly evaluate the value and service each can offer our customers to provide the best overall experience possible.

Is there a web version of the BETFUZE app?

Although the optimal experience for BETFUZE will always be an app, we are designing a website for desktop and mobile which will have some of the features of the app.

How do I place a bet?

You simply find the event you're looking for, select the outcome you want, and then compare the odds from your favourite bookies. Then, place the bet directly with the sports betting operator via our HotSlip.

Where can I get the BETFUZE app?

You can download the iPad app from App Store.

How secure is BETFUZE?

BETFUZE only operates in fully regulated markets and only with the most respected licensed sports betting partners. We recognise that our customers expect the highest levels of care and security and work diligently to surpass their expectations.

Does BETFUZE ever hold my card details?

BETFUZE will never hold your card details, nor ask for them. Your bet is placed and processed by the individual betting operators.

What is the Sentimeter?

This is the world's first social sentiment analysis engine for sports betting. The Sentimeter gives you instant insight on the outcome of any bet by analysing the tweets of millions of sports fans in real-time. Perfect for in-play betting where time is at a premium.

What countries is BETFUZE available in?

BETFUZE will be launched in the UK first, but will be available in most European regulated countries by the end of 2014, with plans to also expand into Australia, Canada and beyond.

When will other sports be added to the BETFUZE app?

BETFUZE is launching with football only, but will be supporting horse racing, rugby union, rugby league, golf, tennis, boxing and cricket.

How accurate are the latest odds?

We aggregate the odds received directly from the betting operators, using the latest technology to ensure publishing as close to real-time as possible. All of the odds shown remain the property and responsibility of the betting operators themselves.

All odds data is shown in good faith, BETFUZE does not guarantee its availability or accuracy. BETFUZE does not accept liability for errors in prices shown on site and will not be liable for any loss suffered by any party if the service is unavailable or inaccurate in any way.

Opening a HotSlip navigates you to the betting operators' site. Please ensure you check all your bet details are correct on the HotSlip before placing a bet.

Obvious errors: Terms and conditions vary between bookmakers; the following error settling procedures may be employed at the discretion of the individual bookmaker in relation to bets made in connection with BETFUZE:

Incorrect Price

Prior to the start of an event, In-Play or after the event, where an obvious error is identified any open bets will stand and be settled at the bookmakers revised price. Any bet placed on a count, line, spread, handicap or total where the outcome is already known when the bet was placed will be void.

Incorrect Fixture

Where the wrong player or team is quoted within a fixture name all bets will be void.

Wrong Participant

If a wrong participant is quoted for any match or event, bets placed on that participant will be void; other participants may also be void.

How do I contact a betting operator about my account with them, or my bet?

BETFUZE does not facilitate the bet itself. If you have any problems, please contact the relevant support email below:

How do I get in touch with BETFUZE?

You can either follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, or email us via

How do I report an issue or a bug?

If you do spot a bug then please do report it to us - we want to fix them as quick as we can. Email with details including your device generation, OS version and any other relevant information.
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